Country newcomer Liz Anne Hill knows what it's like to look for love in all the wrong places. She makes that clear in the video for her new song, "The Fish Ain't Biting."

Hill goes fishing in the new video, which premieres exclusively via Taste Country today — but not for trout, salmon or bass. She's looking for a man who will "treat me right for more than one night," but it's just not paying off in the clever video.

Hill goes through the (unfortunately) normal run of dating troubles in her video for "The Fish Ain't Biting," which shows her on a date with a self-impressed guy who is so obsessed with his workout regimen that he actually kisses his own bicep, among other dating disasters.

"'The Fish Ain't Biting' is my tongue-in-cheek response to just how ridiculously frustrating dating can seem," she tells us. "My dad actually came up with the concept as a way to make light of watching me struggle to find 'Mister Right,' and he and I had a blast writing it together!"

"I go down to the river, cast a line / I'll get me a catch in no time / But I can't seem to reel them in / Is it me or is it them?" she wonders in what must surely be a universal lament among single people trying to navigate the hazards of dating.

Hill is completely self-financed, and she saved for years to make her big debut happen. The California native is set to move to Nashville to pursue her country music dreams in earnest, and we suspect she'll have no shortage of suitors after her "The Fish Ain't Biting" video makes a big splash.

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