Snoop Dogg now knows why Little Big Town are four of the most respected vocalists in country music. The country quartet performed the National Anthem at the opening of Monday evening's (Jan. 9) College Football National Championship, and stunned with their spot-on harmonies and impressive vocal abilities.

Amidst fireworks, a display of the American flag and a flying bald eagle, Little Big Town captured viewers' attention throughout their performance of the often-difficult song. They mastered it in the minds of many, including Snoop Dogg.

"They sound good. I like that," Snoop can be heard saying in an Instagram video. "Little Big Town dope with me. I like them."

Little Big Town have found kinship among many in other genres of music. Pharrell Williams co-produced their last album, the pop-influenced Wanderlust, and country-turned-pop-darling Taylor Swift wrote their latest single, "Better Man."

The group are also gearing up to release a new album, The Breaker, in February and will celebrate with a six-night residency at Nashville's Ryman Auditorium. Little Big Town at the Mother Church will kick off on Feb. 24, which is also the release day for the new album.

“We’ll be inviting some people that have inspired us throughout our career to be special guests every night and also to introduce what we think are the future artists of country music,” Karen Fairchild shares. “It’s going to be a great privilege and honor. We’re very humbled to get to look at all those folks who have inspired us and also to introduce you to new folks that we think will change the course of country music.”

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