Whether or not you're a history buff, Steven Spielberg's Lincoln is a must-see.  Spielberg has done it again, setting the stage to make you feel like you're viewing the events of 1865.

It is the final months of the Civil War and Abraham Lincoln's life. You are there as Lincoln decides upon a course of action designed to end the war, abolish slavery and heal a nation that has been divided.

Daniel Day Lewis plays the 16th President Of The United States and plays the part convincingly enough to garner an Oscar nomination.  Sally Field plays his wife, Mary Todd Lincoln complete with streaks of mania she has long been famous for. Tommy Lee Jones plays Thaddeus Stevens, one of the most powerful members of the House Of Representatives and a devout abolitionist.

The events of 1865 are laid out so everyone can understand the movie and what is going on. One does not need to be a Lincoln scholar to enjoy this movie.  Spielberg does a masterful job of taking you into the events of 1865 and into the very thoughts of Abraham Lincoln.

Spielberg has created another masterpiece that is worthy of an Academy Award.  My wife Lori and I are still talking about it.  Lincoln is a movie everyone will enjoy.