An early morning to Sioux Falls Police about an active shooter at Lincoln High School turned out to be a hoax and is part of a larger problem sweeping the nation.

Dakota News Now is reporting that the call to authorities at about 8:30 AM Thursday (October 13) sent police, Minnehaha County Sherriff's deputies, and federal agents to the school to investigate.

The building was secured while students sheltered in place. Eventually, Lincoln's on-site resource officer checked the building's interior and found nothing suspicious.


Authorities are now attempting to trace the origins of the phone call. Sioux Falls Police spokesperson Sam Clemens says the call is part of a wave of 'swatting' calls that are happening with increased frequency around the state and the rest of the country.

Sioux Falls School District Superintendent Dr. Jane Stavem and Dave Osterquist, the district's Safety Coordinator later sent a letter to parents, briefing them on the day's events.

The message added that swatting attempts are taking place across the country with the intent of tieing up law enforcement resources.

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