There is no greater panic on earth, than the panic one endures when their home Keurig coffee machine will not work on a Monday Morning. That was how my work week started this morning.

Panicked and alone in the house with with no help whatsoever, just two dogs looking at me with blank stares I got my home fix it on. You know it as well as I, in 2019 you are never really alone. I called upon my friend, I'll call her/him Google.

Hey Google, How do you unclog a clogged Keurig Coffee Machine.

Here's what he/she said;

Unplug it, Disassemble it, unclog the needles, TURN IT OVER AND WACK IT.

WHAT? I decided Google wasn't going to cut it. I'll wack my grass but I'm not going to WACK my coffee maker. We're that close! So, what did I do? I YouTubed it. There they said;

It's a simple fix. Take a paper clip, unfold it and ream that little pokey hole out.

Boom Chakalahka! Then I unplugged it, and ran some white vinegar and water through it and it's working like a champ.

By the the way, here's how the text string with my wife looked this morning;

Me: Did the coffee machine work for you this morning?
Wife: Yes, but it was slow. We need a new one, along with a new can opener
Me: I think I fixed it.
Wife: Yes, but for how long?

I'm optimistic. I'm hoping it works a while longer. By the way, tomorrows awesome story that might break the internet will be about our can opener. It is broken. Very, Very Broken.

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