Two of the burros injured in December's Legion Lake Fire in Custer State Park have been euthanized.

KSFY TV is reporting the Custer State Park veterinarian staff had to humanely put them down Monday, once their organs began to fail, and the determination was made that the animals were unable to make a full recovery from the internal and external injuries they received as a result of the fire.

Six additional burros remain in a critical phase of recovery, and are being cared for at an off-site indoor facility. The animals are being monitored and treated daily for their injuries, according to KSFY TV.

The fire that started as a result of a downed power line on December 11 has already claimed the life of one burrow, an elk, and several deer.

KSFY TV reports the Legion Lake wildfire is the third largest recorded fire in the history of the Black Hills. It burned more than 53,00 acres.

Source: KSFY TV

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