Most of us would be pretty bummed to be working on our birthday, right? Well, when you have a day job like Grammy nominee and CMA Awards winner Lee Brice, it doesn't seem as bad.

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They say there ain't no party like the pre-party, but what about a birthday party?

Lee Brice celebrated his own birthday right here in the Hawkeye State. The singer was the Friday headlining act at Country Thunder Iowa. Held in Forest City, fans from all over came through to drink some beer, listen to great music, and celebrate Brice's 43rd birthday.

The singer shared during his set that he actually FORGOT how old he was. Brice thought he'd been 43 all this year. A friend with the very same birthday as him actually was the one who set him straight.

"It's like I got an extra year of life. At least in my mind..."

And we did give him a birthday card filled with listener messages and well-wishes. Brice lit up when he saw the card with real messages that you left for him on our socials. He didn't seem to mind that I dropped it in some kind of sauce.

I swear I tried to wipe it off!

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'Whiskey And Rain' singer Michael Ray, who was also performing at that evening's concert, shared that they had something special planned for his birthday.

"He's not able to be with his family, so we're going to be his road family for the day," the singer said.

A few hours later, you'd almost think that the duo are brothers the way Michael Ray teases Brice during the latter star's set. Ray walks onto the Forest City stage with two red solo cups and books it straight for Brice.

"I called a couple people out for your birthday today," Ray gestured to the cheering crowd.

Kerri Mac
Kerri Mac

"I figured we kick off Country Thunder with a little birthday party," Michael Ray said.

Then the younger singer starts singing the first few notes of the happy birthday song, and in seconds the entire crowd is singing along with him.

After cheersing and drinking whatever was in that cup, the country stars shared a hug.

"It's dangerous when it's your birthday. You think you can just get away with anything!" Lee Brice said to the audience after Ray had left the stage.

You can watch the full video of the interaction down below!

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