Lauren Alaina says having to go to the hospital after she broke two of her toes recently was "scary," but she wants fans to know she's doing fine.

The 25-year-old country singer turned to social media on Tuesday (April 14) to share an unusual video of herself riding around in a circle in her kitchen on a scooter to the tune of Brooks & Dunn's "Boot Scootin' Boogie." Her right foot is elevated in the video, and she's wearing a boot brace.

"I Brooks & Dunn went and broke two of my toes," she wrote.

Alaina tells People that she broke her toes while performing routine household chores.

“I cooked and had some stuff go bad in my refrigerator, so I took the trash out,” the "Getting Good" singer says. “It was raining and I had on these rubber slides. When I came back into the house and stepped on my hardwood, my feet flew out from underneath me.”

Alaina had left a light out on her porch, so she grabbed it on her way inside. When she fell, she ended up saving the light, but her foot hit the leg of her couch, which is brass. It didn't hurt that much at first, Alaina says, but in looking at her foot, her middle and second-to-last toes were bleeding, and "my middle toe was literally down, just hanging."

She fashioned a splint out of a cardboard beer box and got her manager to take her to the hospital, wearing a mask and gloves the entire time.

“That was scary,” she says of her hospital trip during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, but Alaina is just happy she wasn't there for a serious illness like so many others around the world right now.

“It’s not like there’s ever a good time to break something. But at least I’m home and everyone’s having to stay home," she states, adding that she's "getting pretty good" at scooting around her house. One toe is expected to heal in 6 weeks, while the one that's more severely broken could take as long as 12 weeks.

Alaina's suffered several mishaps, medical and otherwise, in the last year. She broke up with comedian John Crist in September of 2019, and subsequently fractured several ribs during her run on Dancing With the Stars.

“25? Is this the year of breaking things? Hearts, ribs and toes,” she tells People, adding, “Y’know, what am I going to do?”

But Alaina's latest misadventure ended up having a silver lining when Brooks & Dunn responded to her social media post by offering their well wishes for her recovery, which she says was "almost worth breaking my toes," since "they're my heroes."

Alaina has been finding ways to pass the time while she's stuck in isolation, posting a video of herself singing while her father plays guitar, and dying her hair a shocking bright blue, which has already started to grow out.

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