Some pretty amazing costumes have come out of the 2017 Halloween season, but Lauren Alaina and her boyfriend Alex Hopkins may take the cake in the world of country music.

Alaina and Hopkins absolutely crushed it with their costumes in 2017, dressing as Austin Powers and his sassy sidekick, Foxxy Cleopatra. The country singer rocks Foxxy's yellow and black ensemble, complete with big, curly blonde hair. Hopkins is looking just as stellar, bearing a striking resemblance to the famous Mike Meyers character with a fake set of buck teeth, oversized glasses and the classic all-blue suit.

Most Epic Halloween Costumes Ever!

The couple nails their recreation of the Austin Powers Goldmember poster, right down to the finger gun poses. But the "Road Less Traveled" singer didn't stop there. She stepped it up a notch with an Instagram video of herself proclaiming "I'm Foxxy Cleopatra, and I'm a whole lotta woman!" with Hopkins shouting the classic line, "Yeeaahm baby!" in the background.

Over the years, several of country music's biggest stars have gone above and beyond in the name of the dress-up holiday. Brett Eldredge was a very convincing Lieutenant Dangle from Reno 911! in 2013, while Craig Campbell and RaeLynn wore spot-on impressions of Cher and Blake Shelton, respectively. Do a double-take and you might think that it's Disney princess Belle come to life, when in fact it's just Kacey Musgraves fitting the role perfectly in her 2014 Halloween costume. But Tyler Hubbard of Florida Georgia Line may take the award for most committed, dressing as an old man for his 2013 costume, going so far as to wear a mask and glasses that make him unrecognizable!

We can't wait to see what other surprising costumes appear in 2017!

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