South Dakota is once again in the national spotlight and one late-night comedian is taking full advantage of the situation.

With this week's release of the pandora papers, the Mount Rushmore State is under scrutiny.

Turning the state's most iconic monument into a slot machine is one thing, but the joke hurled at South Dakota moments before probably won't make this host any friends here in the near future.

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Late Night talk show host, Stephen Colbert's first jab at South Dakota goes as follows:

That's right, South Dakota is the new Cayman Islands. It's the perfect place to hide your money because no one wants to go there to get it.

-Stephen Colbert/CBS

The CBS host of the late show went further in saying:

If only there were a way to get a hold of all of those hidden South Dakota funds. Have they tried this?

*Pulls Mount Rushmore Slot Machine

With the release of the pandora papers, the state of South Dakota is being called the biggest tax haven for billionaires in the entire United States. The papers allege that the rich are hiding their money in South Dakota, as a way of hiding it from tax collectors, law enforcement, and creditors.

You can watch the full clip from the Late Show With Stephen Colbert in the YouTube link below. You can also read more about South Dakota's connection to the pandora papers in the news article below.

Story Source: The Late Show With Stephen Colbert

Story Source: CBS News

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