Take a drive with the family tonight. You know, one of those look at the Christmas lights drives. Chances are you'll see the latest rage. Laser Christmas lights.

It started as a trickle in August. If you were up watching late night television, chances are you came across the infomercial. No more ladders. No more untangling messy strings of lights from last year. Just plug it in and enjoy.

I haven't made the switch yet as you can tell by the picture. I can however see where they would be appealing. If you are the Christmas Lights hanger at your home it would make the job much easier. No more big bulbs, no more icicle lights. Rope lights, LED lights, no. No clips no hassle.

If you've been hanging Christmas lights for years it might sound like a good idea. From what I've seen from my walks with Molly the Black Lab, some of them might be a little better quality than others. And light placement seems to be the key. One of our neighbors has two units and has them on stands about 3 feet off the ground. They seem to be some of the more vibrant looking lights.

My question is is this. If you use the new laser lights, do you use them by themselves or in addition to a string of lights along the eves or a wreath or two on the garage. By themselves, or used as an add on, it's another twist to Christmas 2016.

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