I haven't been able to say that I've visited a lot of places in this great, big world that I call home, but I have been lucky enough to visit the three cities that top the list of what Yahoo Travel says are the 'Most Overrated Cities in the World.'

Yahoo Travel recently conducted a survey asking people to name the most 'Overrated City in the World.' Of the 2,000 travelers that responded to the survey, the city often known as 'Sin City' takes the number one spot.

Twenty-eight percent of people surveyed agree that Las Vegas, Nevada really isn't worth the visit and is the Most Overrated City in the World. Hiding behind the slogan of "What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas," the promises of wild days and crazy nights isn't always true.

And as Yahoo Travel says, "Honestly, any city where you can lose your life savings in 30 minutes can’t be that great."

The number two Most Overrated City in the World, according to the traveler's survey,  belongs to the City That Never Sleeps. With 18% of the votes, New York City, with its mix of entertainment, arts, architecture and culture has been considered to be overrated by many travelers.

Stating overcrowding, expensive goods and services, unfriendly locals and a climate that can sometimes be brutal, New York City is often considered to be unwelcoming to the many visitors it receives.

Rounding out the Top 3 in the Most Overrated City in the World survey is Miami, Florida. Even though it's said that the party never stops in Miami, 14% of travelers just don't feel like partying all the time! Or maybe they just feel as if they aren't 'pretty enough' to hang out in what is often considered a 'sexy city'.

Other cities rounding out the top 10 Most Overrated Cities in the World include Paris, Dubai, Honolulu, London, Bora Bora, Rome and Sydney.


Source:  Yahoo Travel

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