I was talking to my friend John Stainbrook from the Milltown, South Dakota area the other day and he mentioned that they had a load of deer in the area. Turns out, there IS a lot of deer in his neighborhood.

The winter of 2023 has been difficult for humans and for deer as well. John said he had mentioned it to the South Dakota Game Fish and Parks and they quickly brought out an 8-foot high fence to put around the bulk of his cattle feed.

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JD Collins-Townsquare Media
JD Collins-Townsquare Media

Stainbrook did mention he was not interested in thinning the herd but just wanted to keep the deer from destroying all the feed.

The winter has been difficult for deer and pheasants. Turns out area game wardens have been monitoring the situation and helping out farmers AND wildlife wherever they can.

JD Collins-Townsquare Media
JD Collins-Townsquare Media

We've heard of LOTS of deer and antelope gathered up in the Lyman County area as well as around Miller.

Do you have deer yarded up in your area? If you do, we'd love to see your pictures and videos. You can share them with us here or on our App! I apologize for the shakey video but I was riding on the bucket of a tractor while shooting the video.

Thank you for sharing this story with your family and friends!

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