As we transition from winter to spring we also embark on another crucial time of the year in Sioux Falls - road construction season.

The City of Sioux Falls has two upcoming projects that will impact traffic on two of the area's busiest streets.

Work on separate projects involving Kiwanis Avenue and 41st Street get underway in the next few days.

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Kiwanis Avenue Lane Closures
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Storm drainage repairs on Kiwanis Avenue begin Wednesday (March 23) and will close the outside northbound and southbound lanes intermittently at various locations between 10th Street and 41st Street. All traffic will be maintained in the inside lanes.

Weather permitting, this work should be completed in three weeks.

41st Street Lane Closures
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Next week, an interchange reconstruction project at 41st Street and I-29 begins Monday (March 28).

The work will close the westbound lanes of West 41st Street between I-29 and Gateway Boulevard. One lane of traffic in each direction will be maintained in the eastbound lanes during this initial phase of construction.

Also, Meadow Avenue will be closed between 39th Street and 41st Street, along with the outside southbound right turn lane on the off-ramp of I-29 onto 41st Street.

This work is part of the new diverging diamond interchange at I-29, which will widen 41st Street to three lanes in each direction between Marion Road and I-29.

This phase of the project should be complete in two weeks.

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