A popular lake near Sioux Falls is back open to swimming after being closed down last week.

Lake Alvin, which is just southeast of Sioux Falls, was closed off to swimming by the South Dakota Department of Game, Fish and Parks due to high levels of bacteria in the lake. The increase in bacteria levels was attributed to runoff from heavy rains that fell over the weekend of August 28 and 29.

The GFP announced today in an email that the lake is back open once again for those who wish to swim in the lake. New beach water samples that were taken this week showed that the level of bacteria was low enough for swimming to happen once again.

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Granted, this comes at a time, mid-September, when swimming in a lake isn't high on the list of outdoor recreational activities in South Dakota. But it is still good to know even if the deepest you plan to be in the water is as far as your kayak or fishing boat goes.

Lake Alvin is a manmade lake that was formed when Nine Mile Creek was dammed to create it. Just to the east of the lake, where the creek continues, is Nine Mile Creek Game Production Area. This is an incredibly popular spot for deer hunters. If you hike around the 214 acre property, you'll see a number of deer stands and trail cameras. Food plots planted by GFP plus the ample cover and water make it a deer magnet. Just careful when driving on County Highway 135 at dawn and dusk because you are likely to see deer running across the road.

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