Letting your heart be your compass can be an incredibly scary thing, but once you take the plunge and accept the risk, it's comes with a huge reward -- one that frees you. Lady Antebellum capture that notion in their light, easy, breezy video for 'Compass.'

The trio mixes performance footage, close-ups of their faces singing the lyrics (and images of the lyrics are projected on their faces, as well) and scenes from a dance party in a field, during both day and night, for the action.

The video is not a linear narrative that requires your close, personal attention, nor is it bogged down by a plot. Instead, you can get lost in the images of people dancing, playing with lights and dousing themselves in colored powder -- like Florida Georgia Line did in their 'Cruise' video.

It's fitting that Lady A's 'Compass' video is all over the place, since that is sometimes the type of path your heart will take when you follow it.