I just heard the new song from Lady Antebellum. Actually I just insured that all our listeners hear the song in the the very near future. Their new song 'Freestyle' is smokin' Kickin' Country!  It's brand new, 'make your belly feel good!'

Hey, there ain't nothing wrong
Just making it up as we go along
Find a little rock 'n' roll hallelujah
Throw your hands up high
If the spirit moves ya, babe
Singing hey, hey, hey
We can do it old school, ABC style
Maybe we can go a little wild and freestyle

Lady Antebellum penned the song along with Shane McAnally.  When strangers ask McAnally who he does for a living, he could reply, 'I've wrote just about every country song you've heard.'

They get it.

The catchy.

The contagious.

I can't tell you how many times I said 'I'm coming in hot' after hearing 'Bartender.'

Now, I'm gonna change things up. Gonna do a little wild. And Freestyle!


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