If you doubt the awesome personality of horses, I have found yet more proof. It's video that a horse owner just shared as she caught two of her horses sharing hay.

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This is as close as you're likely to get to see a horse version of The Lady and the Tramp. If the spaghetti were hay and the dogs were horses, you would get this.

Seriously tell me that those horses haven't seen this scene from Lady and the Tramp.

This reminds me of an interesting article from a few years ago by Scientific American. It was called "The Secret Lives of Horses" and documented relationship behavior specifically regarding stallions. They mentioned one in particular who exhibited a very human-like behavior:

When he looked up and saw his female companions leaving, he panicked. “He started running after them,” Ransom told me. “He was like a little boy calling out, ‘Hey, where's everybody going?

Perhaps these two horses have a deeper relationship beyond two animals corralled together. Who doesn't love horse moments captured like this one where one of our favorite animals does the unexpected.

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