One of Red Dirt and Country music's UP and Comers is coming to Sioux City's Hard Rock Hotel and Casino. See Koe Wetzel Saturday, June 29, 2019. Details here! 

Buddy Logan [Radio Texas Live-Saturday Evenings 7:00 PM- 12:00 Midnight on Kickin' 100.5] had this to say about Wetzel.  Please share this story with your Red Dirt and Texas Country loving friends on Facebook and Twitter. JD Collins/KIKN 100.5

Koe Wetzel is tasked with an unenviable assignment, but one that any singer would envy: following up Texas' most career-making album of the past decade. Noise Complaint sent Koe and the boys into full-on hyper-drive. They shot from dive-bars on Tuesday nights to festival headliners seemingly overnight. So how do does one even come close to something like that again?

The answer: Harold Saul HighWe got an early listen to the project which - surprise is out right now - and we're going to get all into that, but first things first. Where does the title of the album come from?

Since 'Noise Complaint' I've lost my best friend and my uncle," Koe shared with us. "They were both huge fans and never got to see where we are today. So I made up a high school with their names in it. The album as a whole is a high school themed album.

Harold Saul High is Koe Wetzel being 100% Koe Wetzel but adding a new level of songwriting that proves that Koe belongs at the forefront of this scene. It’s southern rock and roll meets the late ‘90s and early 2000s punk rock meets raw, hillbilly East Texas country music.

This album marries the authenticity of Koe’s live performances with an even better look into the mind and soul of the writer behind the pen, all at the same time appreciating the wit and heart of Koe in his nature as a fun-loving dude who loves to have a good time.

Everyone who complained about having to wait for a new album from Koe gets more than what they deserved and likely expected. Harold Saul High is going to be one of the few albums that define this generation of Texas music.

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