Kirk Cousins cute little boy Cooper made a video that is absolutely one of the cutest things I've ever seen. You can watch the video by clicking HERE. (Due to the NFL's policies, we are unable to show you the video in our story).

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Daddy Kirk shows Cooper how to hold the microphone when he is going to interview players, and then Cooper is off and running. I think Cooper is 5 or 6 years old and has a little brother named Turner.

His choice of questions is quite obviously what every little boy and girl wants to know. Questions like, When is your bedtime? Who's Your best friend? Show me your touchdown dance.  Hey...I think they're great questions!


Cooper is definitely in the mix and friends with Justin Jefferson. Cooper asks Justin who his best friend is, and I think Cooper might be a little offended at his answer and decides he wants to take a break from interviewing to go play for a while.

The Pro Bowlers were caught off guard by some of his questions, but they all entertained Cooper with their honest answers. I think Cooper was really shooting for a new bedtime from his Daddy Kirk.

I was impressed that Cooper knew some of the player's touchdown dances, so he did them together with the players.

Cooper was quite inquisitive and very happy. Talking to the pro football players seemed as if it was just another day for Cooper. I didn't see him ask for any autographs.


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