There are certain events that 'just say spring.'  There are certain events that just scream out that 'winter is over' and 'let summer begin.'  One of those events is The Kingswood Rummage Sales.

The people that put this together must be sitting back and saying, 'well, that turned out pretty good.'  People come from miles around for the bargains.  Some sell hot dogs and put up port-a-potties, (so they don't have hoards of 'gotta pee now' people asking to use e the restroom.

They come in from out of town.  They bring trailers.  They make a shopping day of it with their friends!

Folks it's on!  Let's get ready to Rummage!  Oh, and we loved this post on our Facebook page from Greg too, check it out!

I have been cast into a ring of purgatory closer to the River Styx than most people will ever be. Hoards of women roaming neighborhood and not interested in me unless I have my garage door open (yes, not my barn door). That's right it's the start of the Kingswood rumage. I shall be hiding the next five days and the garage door opener is getting disconnected.

Ok, maybe not everyone is too keen on the idea.  But it is on!  The Kingswood Rummage Sales. 4.24.2013 through 4.27.2013, and so is summer!


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