At first glance, you would think something so beautiful couldn't possibly be so terrifying. Not so for the Spotted Lanternfly. In the eastern U.S., this colorful winged creature has a Kill On-Site order on its head.

Think of David & Goliath - the Lanternfly in the role of Goliath, but David's size can take down more than 70 species of plants, including native trees like oak and maple. Comparatively, it would be right at home here with the Emerald Ash Borer. And we all know how that has worked out for our ash trees in Sioux Falls.

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A recent article noted that native to China, the Lanternfly showed up in the state of Pennsylvania back in 2014 and has now moved through the northeast and into New York.

Grapevines and fruit-bearing trees are also at risk, and that means ultimately they could have an impact on our agriculture.

The Spotted Lanternfly is described as about one-inch long and ½-inch wide. When they open their wings, you almost think you're looking at three different insects.

But there is good news. You won't find them in Sioux Falls or as a featured exhibit at the Sioux Falls Butterfly House & Aquarium.


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