Kickin' Country knows the best two days of the weekend are Saturday and Sunday!  That's why we like to give you a chance to win great prizes with another Kickin' Country Weekend.

Listen at 5 past the hour for the Kickin' Country Weekend Password.  Know it Monday morning at 8:05 a.m. with the Big Breakfast and you could win a 4 pack of tickets to see Travis Tritt at Ft. Randall Casino west of Wagner!  (Friday August 30th, 2013) Travis Tritt has a new album out 'The Calm After..." and he'll be featuring the classics he's known for plus work from his new project.

At Kickin' Country, we follow Travis on Twitter and you should too!  He's quite the outdoors man.  Who knows....maybe we'll get him in a boat out to do a little water-skiing before the show!

Call a friend or share with them on Facebook. (who knows maybe they'll take you along if they win!)

If you'd like to buy tickets we have those details for you here!