It's another Kickin' Country Weekend!

Listen this weekend (Saturday and Sunday) for The Kickin' Country Weekend Password! After you hear the Kickin' Country Weekend Password, 'make a note of it.' We'll announce The Kickin' Country Weekend Password at 5 past the hour Saturday 6:00 AM-7:00 PM and Sunday 6:00 AM-12 Midnight.

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Know The Kickin' Country Weekend Password Monday morning at 10:05 AM with JD Collins and you could win! When JD tells you to call on Monday morning, be caller Number 10, and know The Kickin' Country Weekend Password and you win an awesome Prize Pack from Black Cat Pyro City Fireworks. (Value $150) Tea Exit 73, go WEST, and look for the Big Yellow Building!

By the way, you can Shop Online With Black Cat Pyro City Fireworks!  Order Early!

I-29 and Tea FIREWORKS EXIT 73, Go West and look for the Big Bright Yellow Building

Superstore #2 in Chamberlain, I-90 Exit 263

Outlet Stores in Madison across from Prostrollo's Auto Mall and 12th and Sertoma Avenue in Sioux Falls.

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