Alpena, South Dakota. Ever heard of it?  Ever been there?  Heck, have you ever been through the town.

My first recollection of the town of Alpena was in a high school yearbook from Kennebec, SD high school. (where I grew up) If I recall correctly, the Kanaries (yes, they spelled it with a K) had played the Alpena Wildcats for a homecoming game.  That's the first time I ever heard of the town.  I always thought, Alpena. That's kind of a funny name for a town.

As of the 2010 census 286 people lived in Alpena. Al Neuharth, the print media icon who recently passed away was probably the most famous person to come out of Alpena.  Neuharth was born in Eureka, SD but went to school in Alpena.  Like many towns across the state, Alpena was and still is a railroad town and for years has been an outlet for farmers to get their grains to market. Alpena is in Jerauld County southwest of Huron and Northwest of Mitchell. 

The other thing I've wondered about for years about Alpena, is how such a big company can come to a small town.  Jack Links Minogun, Wisconsin but has a production facility in Alpena, SD.  Like many big businesses, Jack links has determined that the business climate is favorable in South Dakota.   But watch the trucks headed down the interstate you can't help but think, that's a lot of jerky! If you watch any TV at all, you know that Jack Links are pretty well known for some creative commercials too.

I'm sure Alpena, SD is known for more things thank Jack Links Jerky and if they are, make sure you help us out. Either comment below or tell us about Alpena on our Facebook.  We'd love to know more.  Oh, and Jack Links Jerky?  Cool trucks and even cooler TV commercials.

Gonna go get a bag right now.  You know, feed my wild side.

Just off the phone with Nick who was rolling beans 1 mile west of Alpena today.  He works for Stan's and was hard at work.  Nick said one of the more popular spots in Alpena is The Red Hog.  I'll have to stop in on my next trip through!