We caught up with Kenny Kasik for a quick phone call the other day. He had been hanging out around the homestead, like a lot of us because of the whole COVID-19 pandemic mess we are all wading through.

The entire music scene is in flux right now. How soon will there be live shows and will there ever be live shows in bars again are questions that circle around in the minds of bar owners and performers alike. Kasik has played over 300 shows for the past two years so you can bet that he has his ear to the ground as to when they can start performing again.

Kasik, who grew up in southeast South Dakota just west of Yankton, and mentioned that he did play a gig at the local bar in Springfield, South Dakota when he was back home, but added he hoped that it wouldn't be long and they could get out touring again, soon!  In the meantime, if you want to check out some of Kasik's music, you can do that right here! 

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