Sorry, Kendall Jenner. In case you haven't heard, Chris Stapleton is a very taken man.

The 22-year-old Keeping Up With the Kardashians star, who was apparently awed by Stapleton's Los Angeles concert over the weekend, posted on her Instagram story a declaration of love (acceptable; who doesn't love Stapleton?) and an invitation to call her (a bit, uh, less acceptable)—to which Stapleton's wife, Morgane, had a funny and graceful response.

Mrs. Stapleton posted Jenner's fangirl odes on her own social media, then captioned them amusingly: "When @kendalljenner loves your husband & wants him to call her, but you also have strong love for said KarJenner..."

There doesn't seem much for the missus to worry about, at any rate. The Stapletons are one of country music's fixture couples, who haven't given fans a moment of worry about their dedication to each other. They have been married for 10 years, and are parents to four kids—with the last two, twin boys, memorably arriving right on Dad's birthday (April 15) and the night he scored Album of the Year at the 2018 Academy of Country Music Awards.

As for Jenner, this isn't her first somewhat controversial run-in with a country star. Back in May, she posted a photo of herself in New York City, in which she fuzzed out a promotional billboard of Kacey Musgraves in the background. When called out by Musgraves (and other country fans), she immediately apologized, stating that she has nothing but love for Musgraves: "Ask anyone of my homies, I die for her!"

Stapleton himself, predictably, did not respond to Jenner or make any public comment on the matter.

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