Keith Walker has just released a powerful new single titled "That Song," and he's stretching his talents in new ways in a new video for the song that is making its exclusive debut with Taste of Country.

"That Song" is a somber, piano-driven heartbreak ballad that traces the arc of a couple's relationship through the song that played at key moments along the way. It's a song the narrator can no longer stand to hear after the relationship has ended.

"When I hear it now it takes me back / To some perfect moment that we had / 'Cause every line and every word / Still feels so good it hurts / Every time it comes on / I break down singing along / Yeah I hate you for being gone / I hate you for moving on / But damn you, girl, for making me hate that song," he sings in the powerful chorus.

"When we made the decision to release this song as a single, I was honestly a little hesitant because it had more guts than anything else I had released to date," Walker tells us. "I knew that it would need every ounce of energy I could give it."

In addition to being an accomplished singer-songwriter, Walker is also a videographer who has worked in production and editing on videos for a number of other artists. He worked on Carrie Underwood and Ludacris' video for "The Champion," which won a CMT Award for Female Video of the Year. The video for "That Song" required Walker to take another leap of faith.

"When it came to the music video, I felt it deserved the same amount of love. So when director Michael Ivey approached me with the idea for this music video, I was all in," he reveals.

"I had never played the lead in a music video so again, I was taken a little out of my comfort zone but, hey, I'm always up for a good challenge. We had an amazing team who gave everything they could, and I couldn't me more grateful. I think what came out of it was worth it and I'm proud to have my hand in it."

For more information about Keith Walker, visit his official website,  or keep up with him via Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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