Most average people hate their jobs, toiling away to earn a wage and to make ends meet. It is a rare and precious few who get to do what they love for a living, and Keith Urban is one of those fortunate folks when it comes to being a judge on the embattled 'American Idol.' The singer and guitarist wants to return to his seat for Season 13 in 2014 and with good reason.

The show is in a bit of an uproar, with ratings at an all-time low and rumors abounding that Urban and dueling divas Nicki Minaj and Mariah Carey, who all joined the show for the just-wrapped Season 12, will be fired in favor of a total revamp of the show and a reboot of the judge's panel. Before the finale, original judge Randy Jackson announced he was leaving in a move that was seen as pre-emptive. So far, none of the remaining three has been handed a pink slip…yet.

But Urban doesn't want one.

"I would" was his reply when asked if he wants to come back in 2014. He continued, "I mean, I literally enjoy coming to work every day, and that's a rarity."

He viewed his appointment to the judge's panel as similar to being a meber of a band.

"I joined an ensemble like this in the same way I joined a band," Urban reflected. "I like being in a team and I felt that immediately, with [host Ryan Seacrest] and Randy, particularly."

Even though he is officially a judge on the show, he feels that the panel was critiqued in much the same fashion as the contestants who competed for America's votes. He said, "It's funny. I think everybody is judging. Everyone at home is judging us, judging them, judging everybody."

And still, he wants to come back to judge and be judged. Who can blame him, especially since he was recently voted the show's best judge ever.