Kassi Ashton has debuted a visually captivating music video for her song "Pretty Shiny Things."

The video was filmed in Nashville and directed by Kristin Barlowe, who also directed Ashton's "Violins" music video. It begins with Ashton laying on a stage, surrounded by mirrors, glass and "shiny" trinkets.

The lyrics showcase what struggles and pressures women face to get as close to perfection as humanly possible on the outside, while they're feeling less-than-perfect on the inside.

“In our society, it feels like we’re forced to evaluate our reflection everywhere we turn, always waiting for a confirmation from someone else that we are enough,” Ashton tells Paper Magazine. “Putting that, and something so personal for me, into a visual is a weird task. I wanted it to feel real, not forced. Kristin Barlowe helped me so much in marrying what I wanted artistically with the real emotional monologue.”

"Pretty Shiny Things” was a co-write with Emily Landis and was produced by Luke Laird. The inspiration for the song came to Ashton during one sleepless night while she was struggling in college.

"It was more than a song or a piece of my story at that moment, it was an answer. I listened and never looked back," she explains.

Ashton is a new face in country music, but you ou may recognize her voice from Keith Urban's song "Drop Top" off his album Graffiti U, for which she lent her vocals.

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