From watching the same trailer almost one million people have already seen it looks like Cobra Kai is for real!

1984's Karate Kid will forever be the year that inspired millions to try and hold a crane kick.

The Karate Kid movies continued parring Daniel and Mr. Miyagi into action for Karate Kid 2 and Karate Kid 3. 

Miyagi went on to mentor Hillary Swank in The Next Karate Kid, and we saw Jackie Chan take over the roll of mentor in the 2010 remake.

With their already being five feature length films with this story line do we really need more?

Yes we do!

My friend first sent me the above Cobra Kai trailer this week knowing I would be all in for watching this.

We see Johnny and Danny squaring off in the dojo, and yes they've aged, and Miyagi is no longer with us, but you know you can't look away.

Not at least checking out Cobra Kai would feel like we are betraying our inner child who wants to know what could possibly be next. What new moves? What new training sequences? and what songs will I need to add to my workout playlist.

Your The Best the adrenaline inspiring song from the original soundtrack will be pounding my speakers like target paddles until I can watch this next installment of the 80's classic.

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