It is officially Karaoke Week week. For some people every week is karaoke week, and for some of us we occasionally accidentally wind up at a Karaoke night.

If you go on purpose, or unexpectedly wind up somewhere on a Karaoke night here are the usual singing suspects and some of their usual song picks on karaoke night.

1. MC Hammered. Straight up too much to drink. In their intoxicated minds they are crushing it and everyone is blown away. They can't read the real reaction of the crowd because all they see is double. Stand by for Friends In Low Places at a high volume of yell from MC Hammered.

2. The Repeat Offender. How does this person keep getting on the mic? There is a sign up sheet, a line of people waiting their turn, and somehow this person keeps getting up there. The Repeat Offenders singing talent is usually a very distant second to their ability to continually cut the musical line. Every song is their favorite so they want to sing them all. And they do. Not a ton of love from the crowd for this person, but they don't mind they've got a show to perform.

3. The One Songer Rocker. They have one song in their arsenal, they rock it, and never deviate from it. This person is usually blowing the crowd away with I Will Always Love You or something Every Rose Has It's Thorn ish.

4.) Mumbles. Always trailing off on the lyrics, rarely standing up there alone. They want to do it, they step up to the challenge, but musical murmurs of greatness is all we get from mumbles.

5.) No No I shouldn't. They practice all the time, practiced in the car on the way to the bar, they invited friends and family, and want you to want them to sing. This person is good, and can crush an entire playlist. They are the one everyone tells to try out for American Idol, but settle for being Kings and Queens of Karaoke night.

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