It's hard to find a moment in which Kane Brown doesn't have a smile on his face. The fun-loving country singer can be seen living his best life on stages across the globe and goofing around with this daughters on social media. However, behind that smile is a past that Brown sums up as a "crazy."

"I don't know if I ever told you, but I had, like, a crazy childhood," Brown shares with CBS News. "I had to grow up a lot faster than the normal person."

When asked why, Brown explains that he was abused as a child at the hands of his stepfather. He said he was "beat a lot" as a kid, and sometimes, he was punished in dangerous ways for his mistakes.

"One of my stepdads, for my punishment, shaved my head bald and put aftershave on me," he shares before adding, "Made me physically eat half a bar of soap, not just bite into it. I had to physically eat it and swallow it. All kinds of crazy things."

In the past, Brown has shared that his upbringing was painful. In 2016 he revealed that at times when he was a kid, he and his mother were homeless. They moved between grandparents and friends' homes, but sometimes when there was no were else to go, they lived in a car.

Despite his past, Brown is focused on giving everything to his daughters Kingsley, 2, Kodi, 10 months. He didn't envision what kind of father he would be before Kingsley was born, but he knew that giving his children a better life was going to be a top priority.

"I just always knew that I was going to try to be there for her or him — we didn't know — but I was just always gonna try to be there," Brown explains, "And I just always wanted to give them the life that — I know a lot of people say this — but I did want to give them the life that I never had."

The "Grand" singer says Kingsley is his best friend, and he often shares videos of the two of them being silly.

"She's just fun," he says. "She makes my days better."

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