It’s been a banner year for Justin Moore. From dropping his sixth studio album, Straight Outta the Country, in April to notching his 10th No. 1 on Billboard’s Country Airplay chart with his hit single “We Didn’t Have Much,” the singer has emerged from an era of shutdowns and cancellations busier than ever.

Now back on the road and “cranked back up full-boar,” as he puts it, Moore released a brand-new song, "With a Woman You Love," on Friday (Oct. 1). The rock-forward anthem, which will be Moore's next country radio single, is sung from the perspective of a once-freewheeling man who’s grateful for the ways his love brought him down to Earth.

“The idea just hit me,” Moore shares about “With a Woman You Love,” which he wrote alongside Paul DiGiovanni, Chase McGill and Jeremy Stover. “We wrote it down in Florida, where I’ve written a lot of my recent stuff. You know, we’re a group of married guys, and we’re talking about the fact that all that stuff you say, like, ‘Hell, I’d never go to the mall and hold her purse’ — all these things you think you’d never do — well, you will with a woman you love.”

The sentiment hits home for Moore, who celebrated his 14th wedding anniversary at the end of September, and who is spending more time on the road and away from his family than he has in over a year. While he’s grateful for his success and the opportunity to pay his band and play for his fans, he admits it’s easy to get homesick while on tour.

“I’ve been home maybe seven or eight days total in the last nine weeks,” Moore shares, "which is probably the least I’ve ever been home. So that’s taken some getting used to, but no complaints after what we dealt with last year. Beats that.”

With Moore’s unmistakable baritone over a propulsive beat of steady drums and power chords, “With a Woman You Love” is a rollicking anthem that shines as the first sampling of the artist’s upcoming LP, slated for release in 2022. The project will be his third installment in a group of three albums of songs written three years ago, with 2019’s Late Nights and Longnecks being the first and Straight Outta the Country being the second.

“We just got in a groove,” Moore says of writing all three albums at once back in 2018. “We wrote a nice collection of songs that we thought we could either release all at once or split up into three albums. Obviously, we did the latter, and that seemed to be good for us. I really believe this is the best stuff we’ve ever done. The next album is as good, if not better than, the last two.”

The Arkansas native says the forthcoming record will contain 10-15 songs, and that “With a Woman You Love” is a “pretty good indication of what you’re gonna’ get.” He also hinted at an exciting duet with another artist that will be included.

“That’s all I can share about it for now,” Moore says. “If I had a title, I’d tell you.”

Moore will be on the road until Nov. 13. Visit for his schedule.

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