Justin Moore and his wife Kate are expecting their fourth child in June — but they may end up still netting three total when all is said and done, if his oldest has anything to say about it.

The family will not find out the sex until the baby arrives, much to Moore’s dismay, and the sisters have all boycotted having another girl — specifically his oldest, Ella. As time has gone by, they haven’t softened to the idea, either.

“If anything, they’ve hardened even more,” he tells Taste of Country. “I don’t know that my oldest won’t move out if she has another sister.”

The whole thing seems like Moore himself is simply along for the ride, after being convinced by his wife to have a fourth child because she wanted to try for a boy. (Moore jokes she got him drunk and took advantage of him). He wanted to find out the sex of the baby in advance, but he lost that battle, too.

“It’s a sore subject in my house,” he admits. Either way, four is the cap. “It’s the end of the road.”

When he’s not fighting the good fight on the home front, Moore is busy promoting his new single, “Somebody Else Will,” which he says is going over well with fans.

“I’m happy about it,” Moore shares. “It’s been fun to play live. It adds a different element to the show that we really haven’t ever had.”

“Somebody Else Will” is the second single off his most recent record, Kinda Don’t Care, following up the No. 1 hit “You Look Like I Need a Drink."

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