The findings of an internal investigation by the Sioux Falls Police Department and the state DCI regarding a (June 21) incident involving officers and a group of young people inside a Sioux Falls hotel parking lot are back.

The results show the action officers took in the case were deemed “reasonable” and “appropriate.”

Dakota News Now is reporting Sioux Falls police officers were called to the downtown Holiday Inn at 3 AM when a hotel employee was reportedly assaulted by a group of individuals who had been in a hotel room. The incident then moved to a parking garage on the northside of the hotel.

The juveniles were attempting to leave the parking lot when officers arrived on scene. According to Dakota News Now, officers tried to stop the vehicle they were driving, in the process, one of the officers reached into the vehicle to shut it off, but the driver rolled up the window. That action allegedly trapped the officer, causing him to be dragged by the vehicle for a brief period.

Dakota News Now reports the entire incident was caught on camera and shared on social media. The video has been viewed more than 1,700 times.

In the video, an officer can be heard yelling, “get out of the f***ing car now,” and “I will f***ing shoot you. Stop the car now.”  That happened before other officers used batons to break windows in the vehicle to remove passengers.

The entire incident brought about an internal review, which is standard procedure when use of force is involved.

Because of a formal complaint by a citizen, Sioux Falls Police Chief, Matt Burns asked the South Dakota Division of Criminal Investigation to also review the incident.

Dakota News Now reports both findings revealed the use of force taken by officers on (June 21) was “deemed to be reasonable based on the circumstances” and “appropriate within department policies.”

The juvenile suspect involved in the case has been charged with aggravated assault on law enforcement, obstruction, and assorted other charges.

Another 21-year-old female has also been charged with simple assault regarding the incident.

Source: Dakota News Now

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