Jon Wolfe's video for "Any Night in Texas" is more than a music video; it's a visual representation of a special place that's played an important role in his life and career.

The title track to Wolfe's third studio album tells your tried-and-true story about young love, with the Texas landscape serving as the backdrop. Wolfe ventured to Caballo Creek Ranch in Johnson City for the video that offers more than just a stunning view, it also marks the spot where the singer penned the sweet track, along with others throughout his career.

"That has been a special ranch in my history," Wolfe tells Taste of Country. "The title track was written to describe that scenery."

The video follows the journey of two teens who fall in love one summer in the Lone Star State, with scenic shots of the gorgeous ranch adding even more sentiment. "It kind of makes you wonder where the time went," Wolfe reflects on the days when he used to work at the ranch. "It was just great to be back in that environment."

One unique aspect of the video is the use of a drone that captures aerial shots of the ranch's sweeping countryside. "I wanted to show some of the overall landscape, the view from the air," he explains. However, things went a bit awry when the drone got lost among the acreage, forcing Wolfe and his team to take an unexpected detour.

"[We had to] climb through a bunch of Texas hill country that wasn't very easy to navigate," he laughs, detailing how they had to cross through brush and trenches to find it.

"Any Night in Texas" is the fourth single off the album of the same name that scored Wolfe three consecutive No. 1 singles: "Boots on a Dance Floor," "Baby This and Baby That" and "Airport Kiss."

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