Joe Nichols will be performing at The District tomorrow night as a part of his tour. Earlier today, I had the opportunity to talk with Joe about his start in country music, evolving his music to fit today's country style, and his upcoming show in Sioux Falls.

Joe Nichols on Getting Started

"In a word, it's been a whirlwind. At times, it's been incredibly high, and some incredible lows. Whirlwind of emotions. I made some records I have been really proud of. I guess I'm still surprised I'm still here."


Nichols on Country Music Today

"I think for me personally, it's been something I've wanted to do. It's really hard to let go of really comfortable of what you're use to. I've always been use to traditional country but there is a desire in me to grow."

Nichols on Tomorrow Night's Show:

"We'll have a lot of new stuff in the show. Tons of new stuff. You'll hear the familiar stuff, but there is a lot of new that I think people will like."


Nichols also talked about his experience touring with Alan Jackson, and Toby Keith. He also reveals the secret as to how he named his latest hit "Yeah." For the full interview, listen below.

Joe Nichols takes The District stage at 7:00 tomorrow night. For more information, click here.