Jimmy Fallon is once again parodying the country genre, this time calling on actors Ethan Hawke and Ben Dickey, as well as famed guitarist Charlie Sexton to take part in the fun.

Hawke, Sexton and Dickey are the stars of Blaze, a new film written and directed by Hawke that tells the life story of conflicted country star Blaze Foley. The trio teamed up with Fallon to playfully portray four of country music's biggest icons for the skit: Hawke puts on faux braids and a red bandanna to take on the persona of Willie Nelson, while Fallon impersonates Johnny Cash, Sexton channels Kris Kristofferson and Dickey tries out his chops as Waylon Jennings.

The foursome put their own spin on Nelson's legendary "On the Road Again," this time dubbing it "On the Road Again/Let's Just Stay Here."

The song begins with its original lyrics, before Fallon cuts it, making his Cash the buzzkill, and also making it more than apparent that he has no desire to venture away from home.

"I like stayin' here / Life is better when I'm stayin' here / Just sit at home / I'd watch TV and have a beer / Honestly I'd love to just stay here," he interjects, imitating Cash's signature drawl.

While "Nelson" is eager to get on the road again, "Kristofferson" initially plays it neutral before siding with Fallon/Cash, who recommends getting trashed and playing Fortnite. Meanwhile, "Jennings" suggest a more relaxing alternative, admitting that the idea of a night in "tickles me," and suggesting a quiet night in with a nice glass of wine and some cheese and crackers.

Ultimately, the quartet decides to call it a night and stay at home. "I'm just so happy that we're stayin' here / The life I love is when I'm hangin' with my peers / We're playin' Fortnite and we're stayin' here," they sing jovially.

This isn't the first time Fallon has found humor in the country genre. He called on Darius Rucker to sing a holiday-themed spin of his Hootie & the Blowfish hit, "Only Wanna Be With You," turning it into "Only Wanna Thank the Troops"; forced Blake Shelton to try sushi for the first time; and invited Luke Bryan to help him figure out how to pronounce the word "Gyro."

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