Jason Aldean is a private guy, but he let his honest opinions fly in a revealing game of Thumbs Up, Thumbs Down for Pandora.

Turns out, Aldean wasn't a fan of Blake Shelton's mullet — he thinks he looks better now!

"I'm not gonna ever say this again, but I definitely think Blake Shelton looks better with short hair," Aldean admits with confidence.

Something else he's not a fan of? Garth Brooks' alter ego, Chris Gaines. While he gives Brooks' legendary comeback a "definite" thumbs up, he can't help but sheepishly confess that he's not so much into the superstar's fictional rock star doppelgänger.

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Surprisingly, the country star gives reality TV a hearty thumbs up, admitting that he loves the guilty pleasure programming, "especially the stuff that's like a trainwreck" — he still looks forward to re-runs of Jersey Shore! You can also find Aldean binge-watching the Walking Dead, his favorite show on TV. And while he'll take Music City and '80s country, he'll definitely leave behind the decade's "big," "poofy" and "feathery" hairstyles, (along with New Year's resolutions, which are not for him).

But he may make some cat lovers furious with his firm thumbs down on the household pet, referring to them as the "Devil's pet." "I think cats are the worst animal ever," he proclaims. Though he's not big on Mai Thais, Aldean knows there's always a good time to be had at a dive bar and karaoke bar, and the same goes for the Big Easy, the nickname for New Orleans, where the singer is assured he'll have some fun.

Aldean's surprised fans with the release of his new single "You Make It Easy" on Jan. 26. He recently announced plans for a new album titled Rearview Town to be released in April. Listen to his Pandora station here.

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