Though Jamie Lynn Spears has been a mom for nearly a decade, she feels more confident in the role following the birth of her second child. The country singer explains how she's more sure of herself as a mother when it comes to Ivey Joan, who she welcomed into the world on April 11, as she's going into it with years of experience and knowing that age isn't a factor when it comes to tackling the demanding job.

“I would say that being a mom is being a mom: It doesn’t matter if you’re in your teens or not, there should be no excuse to not be a great mother. It doesn’t matter what your age is,” she shares with People“As a new mother with your first child, you are questioning and guessing everything. And as you go into it the second time, you’re like, ‘I got this. I figured this out one time before; I can do it again.’ You have a little more confidence in yourself.”

Spears also says that having a strong support system in husband Jamie Watson and being surrounded by family in her hometown of Kentwood, La. has helped her be the best mom possible. She adds that her other daughter, 9-year-old Maddie, is a "big help" as an older sister, watching the new baby so Spears can handle other household tasks.

“This time, it’s just been a really peaceful experience. I think the only difference is the support system I have around me," she explains. “If you don’t have a supportive partner, it would be a different story. That’s been the biggest adjustment: finding that balance to where both kids have exactly what they need.”

The "Sleepover" singer revealed via Instagram on Christmas Eve 2017 that she and Watson were expecting their first child together in 2018. The actress also said that she has been working on new music that is some of her "most honest work" to date, that she hopes to share with fans "very soon."

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