Country music fans were still buzzing from the CMA Awards when Jake Owen popped up on Jimmy Kimmel Live with a hilarious parody truck song, "Where the F--K Did I Pack My Truck?"

The episode aired on Wednesday night (Nov. 14), immediately after the show.

In the clip, Owen has made headway on his holiday shopping, and he's feeling pretty good ... until he gets to the parking garage and can't find his truck.

"Oh where the f--k did I park my truck?" he sings as he paces the levels, bags in hand. "Did I park it near that new Starbucks? Where in the mother f--k did I park my truck?"

At just the perfect time, Kimmel's sidekick Guillermo Rodriguez shows up in a golf cart, eager to help out the "Down to the Honkytonk" hitmaker with a ride. Together, they launch a (quicker) trek around the parking garage looking for the old, red, beat up truck with some interesting memories attached to it.

Suddenly, it dawns on Owen that his girlfriend actually was borrowing his truck that particular day, and he had actually taken a scooter to get there. He's shown scooting away — bags in hand — until ... well, you have to watch.

The "Where the F--K Did I Pack My Truck?" skit was just part of a big week for Owen, who made his debut as a Real Country celebrity panelist alongside Shania Twain and Travis Tritt on Tuesday (Nov. 13).

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