What do you get when you bring together Jake Owen, Luke Bryan, Dierks Bentley, and … Peyton Manning? A trip to remember, that’s what.

The four superstars are on an outdoor adventure that looks more like something a fan would dream up as an answer to “if you could go fishing with anyone, living or dead” question than an actual thing that happened. But there are photos on Instagram, so it has to be real.

Owen posted a series of photos on his feed from the bro trip, most of which show the four guys jamming around a firepit like they’re at some kind of weird, famous-people-only summer camp, laughing and having a blast. Bentley took a different approach on his account, sharing a photo of Manning holding up a fish in front of a stunning landscape while a few bears lurk in the background — seriously!

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“Should I inform Peyton manning of the mama bear and her three cubs approaching from behind? Or let him enjoy his moment,” he jokes in the caption.

Bentley hashtags Bass Pro Shop in the caption as well, leading inquiring minds to assume this may be a promotional trip for the company, but fans won’t care how it came to be. Just that it exists.

“Pretty unbelievable lifetime experience with good friends, good music, & good fishing. That's what life's about,” Owen says.

Manning has been staking out his seat at the country music table for a while now, appearing on stage with several country artists. He sang “Tennessee Whiskey” with Chris Stapleton and appropriately sang “Rocky Top” with Lee Brice. He’s also graced the stage alongside Cole Swindell and Kenny Chesney. The artists from this wilderness retreat have also teamed up with Manning in the past, including three versions of "Folsom Prison Blues" — one with Owen, Bryan and Bentley. (It must be his go-to.)

Check out the photos to see all four guys hanging out in the Great Outdoors.

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