Jake Owen found his niche with songs from the 'Barefoot Blue Jean Night' album, but the unidirectional theme is wearing thin with the arrival of his new single 'Anywhere With You.' There's a thread of spontaneity and nostalgia throughout all of Owen's most recent hits. He is the essence of carefree, which is refreshing... but no longer surprising. 

'Anywhere With You' doesn't demand much from Owen as a vocalist. He's able to keep it between the bumpers during this safe arrangement. A more dynamic chorus would go a long way toward infecting country music America with a more contagious earworm.

"I'll go anywhere / West Virginia baby I don't care / Mexico on a wild hair / Have you ever seen California," Owen sings to open each chorus. "Pick a spot on any old map / I travel light and my bags are packed / Just as long as I'm where you're at / I'm gonna have a real good view / I'll go anywhere, anywhere with you."

Perhaps it's just a matter of timing. 'Anywhere With You' may sound better in April or May when the sun sticks around a little longer to warm our bare shoulders. "I'll bet there's a two lane / Running right through the middle of a wide open desert to a ghost town / If you wanna just hide out," he sings to begin the second verse of the fourth single from 'Barefoot Blue Jean Night.'

More likely, it's going to take something other than a warm breeze with the windows open to make these cliche lyrics pop. 'Anywhere With You' is a song we've all heard a dozen times before, served with generic country seasoning.

2 Stars

Listen to Jake Owen, 'Anywhere With You'

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