Jackson Dean is establishing himself as a country rocker with a freewheeling state of mind in "Don’t Come Lookin,'" the lead single from his debut album, Greenbroke.

In the uptempo tune, Dean sings of hitting the road to avoid his "head full of noise," and he encourages his friends and loved ones to let him stay lost.

Co-written by Dean and Luke Dick, the song praises the rambling lifestyle — a theme that goes back to classic tunes like Merle Haggard’s "Ramblin' Fever," among others, and one that is still heard today from artists such as Chris Stapleton, Miranda Lambert and more. In "Don’t Come Lookin,'" however, Dean infuses a hint of whimsy into his wanderings, as he ponders where on the map he’d like to land.

"Maybe Moab, maybe the Rockies, Maybe the Great Salt Plains, or the hills of Kentucky," he sings.

While the song’s character portrayed by Dean may be running from something — singing he has, "About a hundred different things I'm tryna avoid" — by the second verse, he’s feeling the freedom of the road with the, "Blue skies ahead and B.S. behind." In the song’s hook, Dean vehemently expresses that, no matter where he ends up, he doesn’t want to be found.

"So long, four wheels turning / Got a tank full of gas, down the road, I'm burning / Can’t say I would and I can't say I wouldn’t / If I don't come back, don't come lookin,'" he sings in the chorus.

If the lyrics weren’t enough to convince listeners of Dean’s status as a modern-day country rambler, the song’s production packs a punch worthy of any outlaw. The track begins with a confident acoustic guitar riff and drum beat, which sets the scene for the song’s story. Dean then enters the tune with his rock-solid country voice and then explodes into the chorus, hitting a higher register and effectively upping the ante.

The song’s instrumentals also electrify through the first chorus, as twangy slide guitar, rock-influenced electric guitar and stronger percussion layer onto the track. This upbeat, vintage-inspired style continues to build throughout the song, making for a raw, edgy tune that is unique to today’s country landscape.

"Don’t Come Lookin'" was originally released as a single in February, and the freeing theme of the song follows the singer’s ideals for how he lives his life.

"Never lose your wild," Dean previously shared in a press release. "You can be tame enough to be in the room, but never let go of that untamed sense of who you are. That's where your truest self lives.”

Dean released Greenbroke, his debut album on Big Machine Records, on March 11.

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