Hey Minnesota and Iowa, as you are working in your yards, out on walks, enjoying a hike, and just enjoying the outdoors this weekend, if you see garbage in some weeds or grass, an entire town in Iowa is wondering if you could just look...see what it is.  It might belong to them.  I'll explain why...

Photo by Greg Johnson on Unsplash
Photo by Greg Johnson on Unsplash

Deadliest Tornado in the U.S. (So Far) This Year Dropped Debris Over 185 Miles From Touchdown

Just a few days ago, I was sitting in the radio studio where I work in Minnesota and saw an e-mail from a co-worker that said closings are updated on our websites.  I was so confused.  It was gorgeous outside and the sky was so blue!  It was a day when I'd normally be out sitting in a tank top and shorts soaking up the sun.  A few hours later, we would realize that the closings were warranted, especially after news broke that the town of Greenfield, Iowa was hit head-on by one of the strongest tornadoes we've seen so far this year.

The storm that hit Greenfield, Iowa is currently the deadliest so far this year in the United States.  Sadly, 5 people lost their lives on Tuesday due to the tornadoes that hit Southern Iowa.

Numerous homes were destroyed and as the residents of Greenfield, Iowa are picking up the pieces and working on cleanup and rebuilding, they could use our help to find some of their precious memories.

Photo by Greg Johnson on Unsplash
Photo by Greg Johnson on Unsplash

Items Inside Destroyed Greenfield, Iowa Homes Found in Minnesota!

Chris Kuball posted on Facebook earlier today a few posts that I had to read twice in order to believe it.  Items that were in homes that were destroyed by the tornado that hit Greenfield, Iowa are being found in various locations in Iowa and now Minnesota.

It still continues to blow my mind that debris can spread so far. I have more suspected debris from the Greenfield, Iowa tornado... found about 185 miles away in MINNESOTA!
Kylie Tart says this photo was found just across the border outside of the school in Le Roy, MN!

- Chris Kuball Meteorologist Facebook Page


Multiple posts like this have been popping up on social media and according to the conversation in some of the posts, it sounds like debris could have been carried and dropped from Greenfield, Iowa to the Rochester, Minnesota area.

What To Do If You Find Any Items That Might Belong to Residents in Greenfield, Iowa

If you happen to find any items that could be debris from the tornado that hit Greenfield, Iowa, and seem to be memories that a family would like back, you can mail them to the following:

St. John’s Catholic Church
c/o Lora Blomme
303 NE Elm, Greenfield, Iowa 50849

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