I just moved back here to my home state of Minnesota from San Diego, California.  That was a city that was experiencing a major homeless problem and they were constantly struggling to come up with answers to the problem.

Here in Minnesota homelessness has increased by 6% in the past year and it is up 12% overall in America.  But a new law that was passed that allows churches to build tiny homes for people experiencing homelessness is now helping in Minnesota.

Photo by YouTube via WCCO CBS Mpls.
Photo by YouTube via WCCO CBS Mpls.

They're called Sacred Settlements and these new settlements are allowed to be built on church properties.  According to a WCCO report there were years of zoning challenges but the new state law now allows these communities on church property.

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These homes do more than shelter the people in them, it gives them confidence and a sense of security.  It gives them an address which opens up so many more opportunities like transitioning back into working life.

One of the settlements is outside Mosaic Christian Community in St. Paul known as Sacred Settlement Mosaic.  This was the first settlement in the state and now Prince of Peace Lutheran Church has one as well. The rules are just to pay rent, follow the policies and want to be there.  Rent varies from $200-$400.

Hopefully more churches will be able to follow suit now that the law is in place giving them the ability to provide this service.  More will be needed to help all the homeless in Minnesota of course, but this new law brings encouraging news and the ability to see real help in progress.


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