The face of traffic management and control continues to be an everchanging challenge for drivers in the Sioux Falls area.

It began with an influx of roundabouts on the streets and has now taken on a series of Diverging Diamond Interchanges (DDI) in the process of being constructed over Interstates 29, 90, and 229.

One of those South Dakota Department of Transportation DDI projects is going to be disrupting traffic beginning this week.

Starting Monday (April 1), traffic along eastbound I-90, between mile markers 405 and 407 in Brandon, will be reduced to single-lane, two-way traffic. The speed limit will be reduced to 65 miles per hour and a 12-foot width restriction will be in place.

Tuesday (April 2), South Dakota Highway 11 will be reduced to single-lane, two-way traffic, starting at Redwood Boulevard north to exit 406. The on and off-ramps at exit 406 will remain open for the 2024 construction season

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When it is completed in June of 2026, the $41.3 million project will feature a number of improvements:

  • The interchange will be reconstructed as a diverging diamond configuration.
  • Westbound Interstate 90 lanes (along with the railroad structure on I90) will be reconstructed in 2024 and the eastbound lanes (and railroad structure in 2025). The interchange itself and new structure over I90 will be reconstructed between 2024 and 2025.
  • S.D. Highway 11 traffic will be maintained across Interstate 90 during construction.
  • The westbound on-ramp and eastbound off-ramp are expected to be open to traffic for the majority of the project. Closures for the westbound off-ramp and eastbound on-ramp are planned for 2025.
  • Work will extend on S.D. Highway 11 down to Redwood Boulevard. That work includes adding a shared-use path on the west side, approach, and side street work, a retaining wall on the east side north of Ash St, and other items.
Exit 406 Construction

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