It was estimated that 13 million pizzas were consumed on Super Bowl Sunday. That's a lot of 'za!

That statistic brought up an interesting debate in many households. Can a pizza box be recycled? It can...but only on one condition: It may not be coated in cheese and grease. In fact, according to USA Today, a pizza box can be recycled up to 7 times!

So the next time someone tosses a pizza box away, check to make sure it's kinda clean and go ahead and recycle it.

Other Super Bowl statistics:

1. Americans purchased a staggering (literally) 1.7 million cases of beer! In fact, that's a 90% increase over a normal day. It kinda makes us wonder why the big game isn't on a Saturday.

2. Over 50 million Americans placed at least one bet on the Super Bowl topping a record $16 billion!

3. The head honchos at the National Chicken Council estimated that 1.45 billion chicken wings were consumed during Super Bowl 57.

4. Speaking of pizza...While the Kansas City Chiefs were winning their second Super Bowl in four years, Chiefs kicker Harrison Butker "doinked" a kick off the left upright of the goalpost. That doink means anyone who signed up for free pizza with DiGiorno before the game started... gets free pizza.

Just a little food for thought... Thanks for reading :)

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