I think everyone wants to live in a town that's known for being friendly, I mean who really wants to reside in a city that is populated with a bunch of Dave's and Karen's giving you their "tude" all day, right?

By and large, almost every South Dakota city has a reputation for being a friendly community. Although the folks out in West River will probably tell you that Sioux Falls is filled mostly with a bunch of uppity, arrogant, jack wads, we all know that is not true, not as far as they know, anyway.

When it comes to the friendliest cities and towns in South Dakota, the folks with WorldAtlas have identified what they believe to be the best of the best here in the Rushmore State.

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Today, we will showcase their top three, so let's get to it.

According to the gang at WorldAtlas, the third friendliest city in South Dakota is none other than Custer.

South Dakota's Friendliest cities, Custer, South Dakota's third friendliest city
Google Maps

Founded in 1875, Custer is a quaint little South Dakota town with a population of nearly 2000 people. Custer's main street is filled full of unique little shops, great local restaurants, and as the folks with WorldAtlas say, loads of welcoming locals. Plus, it's located right near one of the Black Hills' top tourist destinations, Custer State Park.

Number two on the WorldAtlas list of the friendliest South Dakota cities is one of South Dakota's prettiest towns, Spearfish.

South Dakota's Friendliest City's, Spearfish, south Dakota's second friendliest city
Google Maps


Also located deep in the heart of the Black Hills, Spearfish is filled with over 12,000 friendly folks who help to make this small South Dakota city a charming place to live and visit. Its scenic beauty adds to Spearfish's overall appeal. Known for its great hiking, biking, camping, and fishing, the city of Spearfish is an outdoor lover's paradise.

Now for the friendliest community in all of South Dakota.

Believe it or not, this city is also located out in West River. I'm starting to sense a theme here. Could it be the folks in Western South Dakota actually know what they're talking about, naww!

South Dakota's Friendliest City's, Hill City, South Dakota's friendliest city
Google Maps

WorldAtlas has crowned the town of Hill City as South Dakota's friendliest. They claim it's South Dakota's most humble city. With just a hair under 900 residents, Hill City is a welcoming place for all ages to live, visit, and raise a family. Plus, it's the home of the South Dakota State Railroad Museum, nothing screams friendly like an 1880 steam engine train, I always say!

There you have it, South Dakota's three friendliest communities.

Should we be concerned not a single town in East River made the Top 3 list?

Sounds like these East River cities and towns have a little work to do! Somebody get the Chamber of Commerce on speed dial stat!

Source: WorldAtlas  

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